Relational Technology as a solution to subjectivity communication actions

We are driven by what we believe and our beliefs are based on what we learn.

This is the natural order of Consumer Culture. That is, everything that refers to products and services that we acquire by habit, which may or may not be truly indispensable. Remembering here that the indispensable must always be discussed.

The effectiveness of this application lies in the fact that the strategies assigned to the actions respond to the personal characteristics that classify human beings into relationship orders.

Yes, Everything is Relationship! And yes, Relationship comes from personal factor. Ever.

And therefore, who knows how to relate to the purposes of his target audience, knows how to involve him, persuade him and the monetary return becomes automatic. Dialogue assertively creates bases that go beyond.

Relationship orders are intimately linked to the psychological profiles commonly found in a society. I rate these profiles in Logical and Abstract. Remembering that in the two nomenclatures fits the profile-macro that I name as Emotional.

Because all human beings are moved by emotions. The organization able, through a well elaborated work of Public Relations, to stop this vision is the one that reaches the iconization, that is, becomes a reference among its peers.

Behind the classified profiles should be applied strategies directed and united through the so-called Light Technologies *. The application of this technological infrastructure in the field directed to the corporate relationship, and all its chain diagnosed, is by me designated as Relational Technology®.

It is not about “feeling” or “experiences.” Relationship Strategies that directly reach the credibility field are only possible with the use of human and scientific solutions, with a view to fostering fostering, links and autonomization. They align the fields of integration and make them palpable, fully applicable and measurable to smart business.

Light Technologies: For Merhy et al, technologies can be classified as light, light-hard and hard. All of them treat the technology comprehensively, through analysis of the entire production process, to the final product. Light technologies are those of relationships.

* Vanessa Denardi is CEO & Co-Founder of RelatioNOW. Authority in Public Relations in Brazil and reference in the relationship with Digital Influencers.