KPI’S: Beyond Measurement

The need to evaluate the marketing work and the subjectivity of some strategic actions brings up the discussion of KPIs – Key Performance Indicators for ROI analysis – Return On Investment. Much has been said about the subject in this area, but what really matters and what are the main differences between traditional measurements?

The first point to clarify, although it seems very obvious, but the practical application is far from being that way, is that when we talk about KPIs we deal with solutions that bring us a 360º evaluation that goes back and forth clockwise and counterclockwise, that is, we talk about an effective and mutant system that accurately reproduces reality and brings the direct impacts of actions to day to day.

Quantitative or qualitative data are included, including the measurements used in companies for decades, but the KPI’s secret lies in the way we look at indexes, link them to strategies, and apply them to action plans.

At the stage of defining the indicators to be evaluated, according to the objectives outlined, an in-depth analysis of the scenario and the real scope of scope is required. It is no use to outline goals that run away from the reality of the company and include performance studies on market perspectives.

Using the real scenario allied to expectations and concrete data is critical to reach a KPI that really makes a difference and even becomes able to change the paths.

In the practical part, the evaluation must be known to all employees, as it is a determining map of micro and macro strategies within the organization.

The ideal is to be able to include strategic areas around the same performance study to use it in the annual planning as a foundation of all the set of actions that will be developed and stimulated in the period.

The conclusions conquered through this study directly affect the business, generating knowledge about the lived scenario. In marketing it is increasingly common to apply this system, but much is still lacking to improve interesting results, because what most do, identifying as a KPI study is only the measurement phase.

Often it is only possible to get there, but it is also often necessary to know how to move forward. To take the next step is much more than knowledge, it is necessary to take the reins of effective guidance.

* Vanessa Denardi is CEO & Co-Founder of RelatioNOW. Authority in Public Relations in Brazil and reference in the relationship with Digital Influencers.