Micro-influencers who hold mega-reputation

Micro-influencers are online media opinion makers who stand out for their channels with relevant content and tens of thousands of active followers.

It is almost a “niche” discovered by communication agencies that saw the potential of this category of influencers to generate impact on their clients, from the most varied segments.

They are partners in the press, including many of them journalists who migrated to their own media outlets, blogs, portals, YouTube channels and as many pages on important social networks.

A micro-influencer is usually more apt and flexible in the dissemination of content of interest to its target audience, since, for the most part, they are in a determining moment, creating audience and visibility in the Network.

They can also be regional or segmented influencers in specific markets.

An opinion maker from the city of Campinas, who talks directly with moms who value quality food to their children, for example, can have less than 10k followers and be a very important Digital Influencer for a multinational company that sells healthy. Having in mind, that it dialogues directly with the target audience of the company in question, it will impact the central axis of a possible campaign focused on such chicks.

In this case, this regional micro-influence can generate a more interesting result for the brand than a global mega-influencer.

Therefore, in order to evaluate the representativeness of the influencer in a communication plan, it is necessary to understand, study and monitor its universe and, especially, its interactions.

Micro-influencers should be considered as key pieces in marketing campaigns aimed at direct return on investment. They are the ideal partners when looking for engagement and good reputation in a campaign.