How many likes? Shares? What is your audience?

These issues are always present in the universe of Web Influencers and also among companies, of all sizes, that intelligently activate their profiles in Social Networks.

Web Influencers were born from the perspective of Marketing of Influence, one of the most widespread business strategy concepts of contemporary times. They are divided into categories created from the number of followers:

  • Micro-influencers – from 1k to 10k followers
  • Meso-influencers – from 10k to 100k followers
  • Macro-influencers – from 100k to 1M followers
  • From 1M followers is a Mega-influencer !!

But ATTENTION: to recognize a true Digital Influencer you need to evaluate far more than your followers! The strategic view of the universe to which it relates is a key point in this question, as there are regional, global and segmented influencers in different markets.

Today, having a product or service advertised on the channel of an online media thinker is more important than doing direct advertising in terms of return on sales, financial profit, cost x benefit, and visibility. That’s because the statistics say:

  • 90% of consumers rely on Digital Influencers recommendations;
  • 73% of people visit blogs or social networks before buying a product or service;
  • 56% is the possible percentage increase in website traffic through working with digital opinion leaders;
  • That is, either your company relates assertively to this audience or it is very possible that other market players, who do this work, gain much more prominence and hence … the visibility of your brand will be deeply shaken.

There are many ways to relate to these digital icons. It is possible to achieve effective results through targeted actions, assertive dialogues, sending relevant press kits, really efficient game platforms, among other means that must be strategically triggered, always in line with the target audience to be reached.